Narcotraffico e capitalismo criminale

Il capitalismo criminale, alimentato prevalentemente dal narcotraffico, crea consenso sociale, delimita un blocco sociale, che assume un ruolo non sempre marginale nel contesto della frammentata realtà sociale del modo di produzione capitalistico contemporaneo.Il narcotraffico non alimenta solo la sofisticata macchina di corruzione che giunge fino alle più alte sfere istituzionali, come mostra la vicenda di Pablo Escobar, ma rappresenta in alcune regioni l’unica forma di economia di sussistenza.

Perché legalizzare la cannabis: una analisi di costi e benefici

The drug market is now established as the main business for criminal organizations. The prohibition policy has failed to reduce the consumption of drugs, but rather had the effect of increasing costs. Regulation and legalization of this market, in terms of costs and benefits to the community, would result in substantial net benefits, resulting primarily from the emergence of transactions, at this time, illegal.

La criminalità e l’industria agroalimentare

The leading position of Italy’s agro-food sector is threatened because of the Agromafia with the rise of organised crime in the sector. The article shows that criminal activities cause market distortion leading to an increase in prices and a loss of consumer buying power which depresses the economic cycle due to the fall in demand. The agro-food sector should therefore be protected and defended especially because it is capable of attracting large amounts of capital and of triggering processes of constant growth.