La parziale riscoperta della politica fiscale al tempo della stagnazione secolare

Nel 2014 Larry Summers, durante un discorso presso l’FMI, sosteneva che l’economia mondiale avrebbe corso il rischio di essere impigliata in una stagnazione secolare (Summers, 2014; 2015), vale […]

Il pensiero economico dominante scopre la politica fiscale?

Empirical evidences on fiscal policy and economic crisis led many mainstream economists to admit the limits of their own models. We look at Allsop and Vines’ proposal to change New Consensus model published on Oxford Review of Economic Policy and then we question if new theorical tendencies in mainstream economics are enough to afford with economic crisis.

L’unificazione monetaria italiana e il divario Nord-Sud

The debate about the origin of the North-South divide in Italy usually overlooks the effects of the monetary union achieved in 1862, just after the politic unification. Italy was not an optimum currency area for a low degree of factor mobility and the specialization effects that the common currency generated. In this way, with the Italian monetary unification, North and South have laid the groundwork to diverge.