I torti della Commissione e quelli del Governo. Ovvero come uscire dalla crisi

Infrazione Italia 2019 | La Commissione Europa minaccia una procedura di infrazione contro l’Italia per il mancato rispetto della regola del debito. Una regola assurda e irrealizzabile, non […]

Moneta legale o moneta bancaria?

If a debtor offers to the creditor the fulfillment of his pecuniary obligation in a so-called “scriptural” or “bank” currency instead of a state currency, he can be considered as legally released from his obligation? This work addresses this question and seeks to obtain a response in the light of the ECB and jurisprudence orientation. It analyzes the legitimacy of the scriptural or banking currency in relation to the legal money (that is state currency) and addresses the legal issues that arise with the introduction of limits on the use of cash.

Lezione di greco? Euro, debito pubblico e conflitto sociale

Numerous experts argue that the single currency is the cause of problems in many of the eurozone countries. However, this article illustrates the fact that the roots of the Great Recession lie in a long global distribution conflict that compressed wage incomes and expanded capital incomes. Equally there is the Greek and Italian economic illness that long pre-existed joining the Euro. It is therefore not enough to leave the Euro because this would bring down the institutional framework of any battle for a different policy.