The appeal: Overcoming the Fiscal Compact for a new European development

We live in a period where Europe is faced with a real emergency, even if very few seem to have noticed it. A deadline is imminent, to which the press and politicians have paid very little attention, but which, in…Leggi tutto

Vulgar Theories and Economic Perspectives

[ITALIAN VERSION] In order to understand what might happen in 2014 it is necessary to start from a theoretical statement: in our times, theories survive in a ‘vulgar’ form, and are used to justify opposite policies than originally intended. The…Leggi tutto

Economic recession and suicide in Italy

In his famous book, “Le Suicide. Étude de Sociologie” (1897), Emile Durkheim examined the relationship between industrial and financial crises and suicide rate. According the French sociologist, however, suicide is a complex social phenomenon, since an increase in suicide rate…Leggi tutto

Propuestas para paìses del sur de la Unión Monetaria

Aunque la actual crisis económica se desencadenó en los mercados financieros de Estados Unidos en 2007, tiene un componente global que va más allá de sus aspectos financieros. Por otro lado, nos parece que algunos países pertenecientes a la zona…Leggi tutto

No to Fiscal Austerity. The Perils of Deflation and the Case for Functional Finance

What just over 18 months could make in the topsy-turvy world of international politics! In November 2008, when most of the world’s financial markets had been rescued, with many governments in Western countries spending billions of dollars of bailout money…Leggi tutto

Beyond the “Kindleberger Moment”, Fighting Global Austerity

Minsky Moment” entered the popular lexicon when, at the height of “phase I” of the financial crisis in mid-2008, some financial journalists and even mainstream economists discovered that there actually existed some sensible economic theory that could help us comprehend…Leggi tutto