I divari regionali nell’Unione Europea: l’impatto della Grande recessione

Between 2002 and 2015, regional disparities across EU regions diminished and absolute convergence occurred. It was mainly fostered by the Eastern European countries and regions. In the Eurozone, the great recession started in 2009 notably increased regional disparities. The impact of the recession was particularly severe in Italy.

La politica monetaria europea tra ordoliberalismo e New Consensus Model

1. Introduzione L’impianto della politica monetaria europea ha risentito delle vicende storiche e del dibattito teorico della prima metà del secolo scorso. Il paradigma ordoliberale che vide la […]

L’euro e la mancata integrazione europea

One of the causes of the best overall economic performance of the core countries lies in the greater weight of the most innovative sectors. These tend to show higher growth rates than the others and, in this way, positively influence the general development of the economy, since the dynamism of these sectors is also transmitted to the remaining economic sectors. On the other hand, peripheral countries are running the risk of being relegated to the margins of economic development.

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