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Italy cannot spend the European funds as it should. The largest delays are in the least developed regions. To understand what the main reasons for these delays are, we have examined the ROPs of...
Accumulazione Capitale Marx In un altro lavoro, collocato temporalmente a ‘metà strada’ tra i Grundrisse e il Capitale, Marx si occupa estesamente del tema della svalutazione, legandolo in questo caso al processo di accumulazione e precisando ulteriormente la differenza tra distruzione di capitale e suo deprezzamento: si tratta dei Manoscritti del 1861-63 che contengono le Teorie del plusvalore[5]. In questi Manoscritti, discutendo le tesi di D. Ricardo a proposito delle crisi[6], Marx chiarisce come, quando in seguito a una crisi economica il processo di produzione si arresta e il processo lavorativo viene limitato o, in certi casi, completamente fermato, vi è distruzione di capitale reale: il macchinario che non viene utilizzato non è più capitale, così come il lavoro che non viene sfruttato e le materie prime che giacciono nei magazzini.

According to economists of the classical period, for the dynamics of accumulation to be restored, a significant part of the capital exceeding the average possibilities of valorisation must be devalued or destroyed, not only capital in its monetary form, but also constant capital, commodities in their dual nature of use values and value, and variable capital, the workforce paid at its value.
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The aspect that characterizes public housing in Rome is social inequality respect of the rest of the city. The index of “social disease” calculated on the basis of unemployment, employment, youth concentration and schooling, making zero the Roman average, is equal to 12.6
Regionalismo differenziato

Autonomy of regions is a danger for Italy: it would end up withdrawing the State from strategic sectors for the national economic system with negative consequences on the competitiveness of the whole country.
Regionalismo differenziato

Autonomy of regions has many risks: it would end up to increase government debt and it would break the national unity.

The tariffs introduced by Trump do not prevent relocations because they do not affect companies with tax residence in the USA. It would be better to act on controls of capital movements.

Banca del Mezzogiorno | indennizzo Banco di Napoli | Nel Mezzogiorno manca oggi una Banca che promuova lo sviluppo del territorio e, come se non bastasse, i crediti oggi recuperati dal vecchio Banco di Napoli non vengono reinvestiti...

In recent times decision makers have devoted a lot of attention to cyber threats since cybersecurity is a prerequisite for the good functioning of an increasing number of economic and non-economic activities. The effectiveness of legislative and control measures, however, depends on individual behaviours. In the absence of individual awareness and knowledge, increasing spaces for vulnerability open up. This paper aims to deepen the research on individual behaviours in the field of cybersecurity, in the awareness that the research does not yet devote the necessary attention to these phenomena. The results show a widespread vulnerability, even among more educated people who are supposed to be less likely fake news believers.