E se di Germania ce ne fossero tre? Meglio fare da soli

Nelle questioni internazionali, si è soliti ragionare in termini di paesi intesi come “monoliti” guidati da interessi nazionali che ciascuno di essi cerca di far valere facendo leva […]

La spesa pubblica in Italia e Germania: un confronto per periodi

The weight of public spending on GDP shows different trends in Italy and Germany. Not only is the growth of this parameter, over the period examined, greater for Italy, but Germany manages to contain the dynamics of this parameter by virtue of greater real GDP growth. The more general context seems to have allowed German administrations to effectively use public spending in an anti-cyclical function. The Italian paradox (i.e. a higher growth in public spending, not followed by a greater development of GDP) remains. A phenomenon that leaves the suspicion of a modest “quality” of Italian public spending.